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Art with Angel's kids painting parties are such a fun and unique way to celebrate!  She does age-appropriate painting parties for both boys and girls, ages 5  years and up. She works hard to make sure all the guests have a great time and she loves to incorporate their “favourites” into the paintings.  

How It Works
You dream up the theme and she will dream up the painting we will make together.  She walk the painters through the painting very easily, step-by-step, so it’s easy for everyone to follow and we are all going at the same pace. Everyone will paint the same thing, but each painter can choose his/her colours and add their own elements!  Each painter will leave the party with their gorgeous 11 x 14 (for younger kids)or 16 x 20(for older kids) masterpiece on canvas!

On The Party Day
We will come to your house or event location approximately 30-40 minutes early to set up. Once all your friends arrive, we will begin the painting lesson right away.

You Provide:
— Table space for each painter. (Preferably all facing in the teachers direction. Long tables work the best!)
— A small, separate table for the art teacher to set up and teach from.
— Optional: Tablecloths to protect the table from spills, chairs for the painters to sit.

We provide:
— Table top easels, canvases and all paint supplies for painters.
— Painting entertainment for the kids that lasts approximately 1 – 1.5 hours, depending on children’s age and what we are painting.
— Aprons for all the kids to wear

Fabulous paint parties start at £120.00 for up to 10 painters.
— £120.00 for up to 10 painters
— £10 for each additional painter after 10 people (Max 15)
— *Please note that my pricing includes all of my time plus my costs such as canvases, high quality paints, etc.  I accept PayPal or Card Payments for birthday parties.  Sorry, no cheques taken.

Travel Fees
Free (No Travel Fee) — 

 extra Travel Fee — 

Create 16" x 20" acrylic canvas painting with guided instruction. Smaller canvas available for younger children.

Celebrate with your friends and family by having a private party.