Head Portraits

This normally includes a persons/animals neck

The actual image of the animal/s is around 1-2 inch smaller than the canvas size, this is to allow for the mount (only for drawings)

Will update with new prices soon.

Ordering your pet, animal or person portrait


Photos need to be as sharp and as clear as possible, sometimes I'm given a small photo with a pet in the distance. Remember I have never met your pet so I can only paint what I see.

Please supply the photo you want painting PLUS if possible any extra ones that show up other details i.e. another photo may show the animals colour better or its eye colour or maybe its ears are pricked up/ facing forward.

The more photos you send the better.

Photos can be sent via normal mail, where they will be returned undamaged or can be sent via email, photos need to be between 500kb and 1MB (if too small and the image is blurred when enlarged)

Ordering and Delivery

To order your unique painting, supply me with your photos , deposit and the following details:

Your Name
Tel Number
Email Address
Animals name and breed (for my records)
Size of canvas you require
Background type, Plain, Mottled, Detailed
Price and payment method
Any other details: ie, Animals name on portrait, eye colour.
If you would like any slight alterations, collar, head collar removing, ears pointing forwards
Where did you hear about me

50% payment is required with your order, you can pay by any of the following:

1. Paypal (www.paypal.com) payment to Angel Arnold

2. Bank transfer
3. Cash, I will accept cash, but it MUST be sent Recorded delivery, and is sent at your own risk. 
4.   Gift Vouchers are also available.

If this portrait is for a gift, then I can send you a gift voucher for either a ''£''  amount

Once your portrait is completed, This will take between 2-6 weeks (for one subject). More than one subject it will take longer. 

I will email/post you a photo of the finished painting. This is to check you are happy with it, and to alter anything if your not.

If you are happy, I then ask for the remainder of the payment. On receipt of this, your portrait will be posted to you.

If you are not 100% happy then I will offer a full refund on your deposit.

Paintings are posted '1st Class Recorded Delivery'

If upon receipt you are not happy, then please return within 7 days for a full refund.

Paintings MUST be returned within 7 days, by Registered post.

Though if you are happy , I will ask if you would leave a comment in my guest book and recommended me to all your friends.

Is the portrait for a gift, and you need it quickly then please inform me before ordering to check I can have it ready in time. (Though this is not normally a problem)